The mission of the Decision Support Group (DSG) is to provide the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) with accurate and timely data and information to frame issues, set direction, identify and evaluate options, and develop and implement strategies. The DSG is a cross functional team embodying a wide range of expertise and institutional capability. It is comprised of the following units:

Goals for the DSG include:

  1. Strengthen the Institute’s capacity to achieve its strategic vision and goals by providing knowledge and information for decision making and action at all levels of the Institute.
  2. Design and install an effective decision support and business intelligence system, including enterprise data warehouse together with analytical and reporting tools for creating and delivering  accurate and timely information and intelligence to leadership and staff for decision making in leading and operating the Institute.
  3. Improve individual and organizational productivity through helping leaders at all levels make effective and timely decisions.
  4. Become more transparent and open internally which will enable the Institute to monitor and manage its operations and environment.