Decision Support Services consists of two primary functions: Institutional Research and Enterprise Data Management. The goal of these organizations is to enable effective decision making by creating and providing accurate data collections from our institutional information systems, performing integrated analysis and research, and advocating for data quality and integrity.  

  • The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is responsible for the development and maintenance of data resources to support the strategic planning and policy-making processes at Georgia Tech. IRP facilitates the flow of accurate, timely information and assists all levels of management in defining issues, selecting research designs, obtaining information and interpreting results. As the central source of official institute census data, IRP supplies information to the U.S. Department of Education, University System of Georgia, and other entities that are internal and external to Georgia Tech.

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  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the enterprise platform that supports reporting, analysis and decision making at Georgia Tech. EDM encompasses data governance, data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence, and metadata. 

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